Our Canadian Journey

Last updated: November 3, 2019

Shared passion and farming philosophy

We began our journey to bring fairlife to Canada over two years ago. We started by speaking with Dairy Farmers of Ontario to learn more about their farming philosophy. Their pride in their product and care for their animals – including not using any artificial growth hormones – matched our own. Both sides were excited about our common beliefs and the opportunity to bring innovation to the Canadian dairy industry.

Building relationships with Canadian farmers

We knew we wanted to be part of the Canadian dairy community and needed to work closely with dairy farmers to really understand what’s important to them and some of the factors to ensure success, including how to bring fairlife to Canada within the supply management system. That is why we committed to building a new Canadian plant to produce fairlife locally using Canadian milk. But we knew that we had to build demand for the new plant, and that would involve temporarily importing the product.

Canadian government supports fairlife®

Working with the Canadian government, we obtained a Supplemental Import Permit (SIP), which allows us to import product for a limited time while our plant is being built. This SIP enables us to enter the dairy market for the long-term providing new jobs and local investment.

Strengthening support with farmers

Continuing with our desire to be a supportive part of the Canadian dairy industry, we reached out to other dairy organizations. We met with the Dairy Farmers of Canada (the organization representing 12,000 Canadian dairy farms) and Les Producteurs de lait du Québec (the organization representing dairy farmers in Quebec). We shared our plans to launch fairlife in Canada and build a new plant here. Recognizing the opportunity, they were supportive of our innovation and investment to Canada.

Investing in Canadian communities

Our big day finally came in June of 2018 when we announced our intention to invest $85 million to build our new production plant in Peterborough, Ontario to manufacture fairlife in Canada using milk supplied from Canadian farms. We reached out to organizations representing farmers across Canada to share the news and learn more about the dairy industry in each of the provinces.

Bringing fairlife® to all Canadians

Our second big day came in September of 2018 when Canadians were finally able to try the new fairlife products for themselves. It was thrilling to see fairlife, a product created by farmers who wanted to give families more nutrition, finally on store shelves. We knew from research that Canadians would love the great taste of fairlife, along with the fact that it had 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk.

Breaking new ground

At the close of 2018, we celebrated the start of construction of our new fairlife plant in Peterborough, Ontario. The fairlife plant is a huge local investment in Peterborough, creating new jobs and supporting the Canadian dairy industry.

Soon to be proudly made in Canada

We will complete our Peterborough plant in spring 2020 and begin producing fairlife using Canadian milk, continuing to meet the high standards that Canadians expect and deserve – all with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk, no artificial growth hormones and, of course, great taste!