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Our Story

one of a kind, kind of milk

Our soft filters concentrate milk’s goodness like protein while filtering out some of the natural sugars. Enjoy our delicious, nutrient-rich, ultrafiltered milk!

High quality milk Canadians expect and love

Our fairlife® family farmers provide high quality, real milk filtered for wholesome nutrition. Exceptional care is taken every step of the way, while also ensuring our milk has low somatic cell counts (a measure of individual cow health and milk quality).  fairlife® milk proudly meets Canadian regulatory requirements.

A girl with two children enjoying a glass of milk
A glass of milk standing in green grass

No artificial growth hormones

At fairlife®, we do many things to deliver our high quality, great tasting milk. As soon as the milk comes from our cows, we quick chill it to 2.8 degrees and keep it chilled as we transport it to our plants and throughout filtration. And our milk – like all milk sold in Canada – contains NO artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.

Ultrafiltered milk

fairlife® nutrient-rich milk is made possible with our patented cold-filtration process. This process was inspired by the same process that removes impurities from water. Milk from our family-owned dairy farms flows through soft filters to concentrate its goodness for 50% more protein, 50% less sugar and no lactose. The water, minerals, lactose, protein and fat in milk have five different sizes, so we use five different filters to separate them. Then we recombine them to create our unique ultrafiltered milks with 9 essential nutrients.

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50% less sugar & 50% more protein

Our unique filtration process allows us to deliver ultrafiltered lactose-free milk that has 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk. The protein found in milk is an excellent source of energy and vitality to get you through your busy day. Also, with 50% less sugar and no lactose, it’s a great tasting, fresh source of simple nutrition you can feel good about.